Need Ever wonder how some online business pros send out one email and get a ton of sales, opens, and clicks…

Yet you can send out email after email with no traction?

We will show you techniques in persuasion and human psychology to beat the pros at their own game.

These techniques make people willing to say yes without even thinking about it.

Reciprocity: Give Before You Get

Reciprocity trades on our sense of indebtedness. When someone has done us a favor, we tend to feel an obligation to pay them back
Offer your audience valuable resources they can really use.
Give away high-value content upgrades and opt-in offers for free to collect subscribers
Send email list of high-value freebies
Make sure your emails are so valuable that your audience would pay for them.”

2.Commitment: Start With a Micro-Yes
We all want to feel good about ourselves.

And that means feeling good about the things we’ve said and done in the past.

That’s why the principle of commitment is so powerful.

Try to nudge your customers into making a micro commitment right away — something small that’s easy to agree to.
You’ll find that later on, they’ll agree to larger requests because they want to maintain an image of consistency.
By nudging your customer into a low-risk, low-commitment early on, you can set the stage for bigger commitments later

3.Social Proof: Referrals
Referrals are especially powerful because they show us the decisions others have made.

In general, people feel more comfortable taking an action when they know others are doing the same thing.

Use social proof in your email collection tools
Display testimonials in your sales emails
Use ratings and reviews in your pages and emails

4. Authority: Provide Expert Advice
Enlist high-authority figures to create your content.

When you bring in authority figures to create content for your site, you’re offering your readers great content that doubles as an implicit endorsement of your brand by experts in the field.

You can also lend credibility to your marketing by partnering with influencers who carry authority in your space

5 Liking: Build a Relationship With Your Audience
Liking is an incredibly powerful factor in persuasion. We tend to like people who share our values.

Build relationships on social media.
When you invite your customers to feature your brand in their content, you can then share this content yourself and build deeper relationships with them

6.Scarcity: Play Hard to Get
Knowing that something is in short supply makes us want it more for things they already want.

Limited time bonuses or discounts
Reminder or recap emails
Countdown timers

These are powerful tactics that can increase sales, conversions, and traffic. So put on your learning hat and let’s get into it.


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