Email segmentation is the Method of Partitioning your mailing list into smaller groups, called segments.

When sending emails, instead of sending to your entire mailing list, you send to specific segments.

Top marketers segment their list to get More Opens, Click-Throughs, Deliverability, and Conversions

Using data from your email service provider, segment your list into the following groups.

1. Segment NEW: ( less than 30 days old)

These subscribers have been added to your list within the last 30 days.

This segment can receive a good amount of emails since they are generally active.

Set up a Welcoming Onboarding sequence to welcome these new customers to your brand.

You can Send 1-3 emails per week to this group. Some top marketers send email everyday

2.Segment: Laid-Back (31-90 days old, No opens or clicks)

These emails are between one to three months old, and they’ve never opened or clicked on one of your emails.

Since they are relatively new contacts, there’s still a chance for them to interact with your emails

Laid-Back accounts should make up less than 5% of your mailing list.
Send at least 1 email a week . More if you can provide fresh value content to perk their interests.

3.Segment: Active (More than 1-month-old, open or click within 90 days)

These accounts have demonstrated recent interaction with your emails and can be targeted for high email frequency.

A healthy email list should consist of at least 40% active accounts. You’re in great shape if 65% or more of your list is active.

Recommended email frequency: At least one a day

4.Segment: Lapsing (More than 1-month-old, last activity 91-180 days ago)

Lapsing accounts haven’t interacted with your emails in the last three months, but they had some activity within the last six months.

Send fresh content, and focus on good personalization techniques to get more engagement.

You should also move this segment to a reduced sending frequency to 1-2 emails a week

5. Segment: No Activity (More than 1-month-old, last activity more than 180 days ago)

These accounts are not interested in your email.

ISPs can see how much recipients are engaging with your emails.

If they see that someone hasn’t engaged in the last six months, they’ll typically push your emails to the spam folder.

You should consider deleting them from your mailing list or creating a re-engage campaign in hopes of getting them to Active.

So if you follow the above guidelines you should get an automatic boost in open and click rates, and will help you in your conversions and sales.

Have you tried segmenting your Email list? How did it go?

Let me know if you need more data on Segmenting your list, and I will send you additional information

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