There’s a science and an art to enticing your readers and keeping them engaged.

In this email, you’ll discover how the Zeigarnik Effect and Open Loops can catapult your email copywriting from so-so to stellar in a matter of minutes.

We will show you how you can incorporate Open Loops into your emails, and create content that’ll keep your audience coming back for more.

Open Loop concept is based on the Zeigarnik effect –which states that people remember incomplete tasks better than completed ones.

So it Creates Tension in people when they feel a lack of closure or something is incomplete.

It’s a technique that’s used in trailers and most TV shows, and is quite possibly the reason that so many keep turning into shows like Game of Thrones and Who framed Roger Rabbit

Some Examples

. A spy novel you can’t put down
. Soap opera that keep you coming back for years
The suspenseful cliffhanger at the end of the season for your favorite television show that brings you back next season

.An email subject line that piques your interest

Don’t buy it yet!

If you hate money, don’t grab this

Don’t open this email

In the telling of stories, our brain naturally wants to seek out some sort of conclusion.

The open loop eventually provides that conclusion, and it preferably provides a solution on the other end of the Call to Action

From a copywriting standpoint, you need to:

Keep the end in mind (your CTA- Call To Action)

Set up the story : introduce a problem, ask a question, pique their curiosity

Decide where to include the teaser_ _ (subject line, first sentence, at the end)

Write the lead-in to the CTA in a way that compels them to click

Space out your content. Break sentences up and leave space between the lines. Your sentences should be short and concise.

Don’t give it all away at once! The goal of your Open Loop should be to increase attention, and this approach requires you to space your story out over the course of a few different emails.

Finish up by leaving the ending open, such as “Tomorrow I’ll cover that,” or “I’ll show you how I did it next time.”

Make it personal. Look to include characters in your stories.
Your prospects will want to keep reading to see what happens to them

The concept of an Open Loop can be used almost anywhere that you’re speaking to prospects. This includes, but isn’t limited to the following:

Email Campaigns
Blog Posts
Website Content
Social Media Posts


Have you tried using Open Loops in your email campaigns or marketing efforts? How did it go?

Bhadra Patel

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